Saturday, 23 November 2013

Off form

Right so I might as well tell you all about the most recent dating failure. Let me paint the picture:
About a month ago two good friends of mine that were dating invited me out to dinner with a bunch of their friends. It was pretty relaxed and fun because I knew most of them but something about one of the girls I hadn't met before (Alice) made me want to ask her out.

So I did, well in all honesty it was a bit of a cop out. Our group had another dinner in great tapas place in the city but Alice couldn't make it. Being the calculative creep that I am I hopped on the opportunity next time I was chatting to Alice (over Facebook as I didn't have he number at this stage and we were in different universities).
She made a sad face emoticon and said he had never been there. Exactly six hours and thirty one minutes later I replied with a classic: "I feel bad now, and I haven't been on a date in ages. Do you want to check it out this thursday?". This real translates into 'hey I am going to pretend to take pity on you as an excuse to ask you out…... and incase you turn me down I was only saying it to be nice to you'.
She replied with a cool and collective "yeah sure" almost straight away.
The date went pretty well, a combination of being so exhausted from a day of work and also giving up everything good in my life for my final year of university made me feel like I wasn't my usual self.
And how did it end…. of course this is the bit you want to know (and it is also the bit of the date I hate the most and am most awkward with no matter how much I try and pretend to be somebody confident),  I gave her possibly one of the lousiest peck on the lips in history, said goodbye and bolted.
God I am weird.

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