Friday, 6 December 2013

So apparently I wasn't stood up.

I'm now even more confused over what to call this date, it is either our 2nd or 4th. Anyway we saw significant progress in that she showed up. Already I could write this off as more of a success then last time!
Anyway we were both absolutely starving and in the mood for a good feed (thankfully because I really wasn't in the mood for tapas or a fashionable restaurant with tiny portions) so we just went out for a nice burger place near by.
Our mutual friends that had introduced us had just broken up so I was already feeling pretty forlorn, she didn't really seem to give a shit so that cheered me up as I realised it wasn't my problem.
After I caught the bill we went for a drink in a bar around the corner where I then preceded to spend the next hour or so not making a move because I had just remembered that I was a massive chicken shit. After we had both come to terms with the fact that I wasn't going to make a move, we got out of there and went our different ways.
Yup as disappointed as you are having wasted the last minute reading this you can only imagine how much of a twat I felt like walking home.

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