Saturday, 14 December 2013


I bought tickets to the preview of a Secret Life of Walter Mitty about a month before the showing, I am pretty sure I had them before I started to date Alice. The reason I got them was two fold:
  1.  I wanted to see the movie.
  2.  I figured it would push me to ask out a girl.
So it worked out I guess as it had pushed me to go on the 2-4 dates I you have just read. Any way you probably don't care if you are reading this but I loved the movie….. she didn't (so I had to pretend that I didn't like it either because I thought it was too awkward to disagree). After last weeks no proper kiss debacle, I took somewhat of a stand outside the cinema and went for it. She was running late so she cycled in so I didn't need to drop her home (I forgot to check if she made it home ok but then remembered just as it was too late, it would have been a bit awkward to have checked in at that stage)
Aaaaaany way it was progress.

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