Friday, 3 January 2014

A few updates piled into one

Well I was getting worried there that the very first girl that I was going to log the relationship of was going to end in a…… relationship? Because that really wasn't the point. I'm still not sure what the point is but I may make for some good reading for somebody else.

So since my last update we had one pretty good date (a big day out that I wouldn't usually go the effort over) where she finally loosened up a bit. In all honesty I was incredibly busy at that time so I asked her along to an event a bunch of my friends were at (I had to fit all social activities for that week into the afternoon because I had so much work). Everything went great. After I helped her with christmas present ideas and we strolled through a craft market and then I dropped her home. I sorta impressed myself with the day to be honest.

Week before christmas (a week and a half after the late one): no date. I must have messed up somewhere. My phone was down but I had asked her out even though I wasn't really feeling there was any chemistry at all. I got a text back just letting me know that she needed some "alone time". Now I was pretty surprised since if anything I gave her too much space but on another hand relieved since the purpose of asking her out was to stop me chasing any other girls that would be more distracting.
 A week later she messaged me on Facebook, all was good back home and asking me a few questions.

Now she is a nice girl and good looking but I for some reason was feeling as though I was out of her league (even though I don't believe in leagues, a point I will touch on again). Maybe it was because she wouldn't be the type my friends think I would go for, she is a bit more serious then I would usually pick but hey beggars can't be choosers.

Now here is the kicker, I had lunch yesterday with my friend "A" who introduced us we had a good catch up where she filled me in on the latest gossip all of which would make me laugh and also feel a little shitty.

  1. The girl I was interested in last year (who is really nice but incredibly boring) was in a relationship with some Spanish guy. This initially made me happy as I wanted her to find somebody  since there is no record of her getting with any guys at all. The relationship lated one week (this made me laugh and even happier since I wanted her to be in a relationship but not in a good one). Apparently at the end of it there were tears even though she dumped him (yeah I am an asshole I sorta felt bad when I heard that).
  2. Alice had made out with one of  "A's" friends at NYE in their home town.
Now I am left here feeling slightly rejected by a girl that I was probably going to reject pretty soon, I'm not sure if it was a good thing or not but it did make me feel better about sleeping with somebody else a few weeks earlier. Unfortunately I have a new interest that is going to be far more tricky to take on since I am already in the "friend zone" (the most horrendous and inhospitable place in the world), I reckon I am setting myself up to fail here since I have a friend to girlfriend conversion rate of 0%.

I didn't message her for a few weeks. Out of the blue I got a text telling me that she didn't think it would work out. I couldn't help but agree but somehow I felt like I had just been dumped by the girl that I had already dumped.

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