Thursday, 17 July 2014

So I got an iPhone at some stage over the last few months which is great. I couldn't give a frig about instagram, twitter or any other apps. No the only reason I got the thing was for snap chat and more importantly Tinder.
For those of you who don't know what Tinder is here is my explanation of it:

Tinder is really a mixture between a dating website and a game. When you set up your profile you select a handful of photos and write a little bio about yourself.
Then you are away, from here there is a seemingly endless stream of single girls looking for prince charming or the closest thing they can get. You see a terrible girl you swipe left, you see a pretty girl you can click into her profile where you can see the remainder of her photos, read her bio and see what friends you have in common.
Like any game there are ways to cheat. At first I cheated by approving large amounts of girls quickly then deciding which were worth talking to (this way I saved time by not judging girls that were not going to match with me). The most effective way to boost the matches I found was by having a good first photo and a bio that was going to to make me seem like a better person then I actually am.

I guess you are probably wondering what kind of crap an egotistic asshole like me would put into a bio. After a bit of playing around I found the best thing to do was actually rule out girls…. or at least give the impression that I was picky. I stated that any pictures taken in a bathroom lost them 5 points and had a few other things that I'd dock points for. Of course I awarded points for stuff like a photo with an exotic animal (you would be blown away with how many have photos with either a tiger or elephant). On top of this I also had a little section where they could guess which of the following was a lie from a list of 5. This again boosted numbers, I guess anyone who reads the bio wants to know which are true, it is also a good way of showing what a great person I am in a nice way (joke).

Im going to start writing part two tomorrow.

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